Each parcel is unique.
It’s up to the winemaker to get the best out of it, making the appropriate choices each time: rootstock, varietal, cultivation method, and yield management.
Our vineyards are comprised of 14 parcels, which benefit from varied exposures, thus assuring a wider diversity in future wines.
At a distance of about 4 km from the winery, we must cross trails, forests and valleys to find our vines living peacefully to the rhythm of the moon and the seasons, lulled by an almost religious silence, disturbed only by the presence of the birds and wild game.
We cultivate the three main varietals of champagne, in a continental climate on soils of clay and limestone, allowing us to create elegant and fruity champagnes.
In particular, the Pinot Noir vines find all the key elements conducive to their good development in our clay/limestone soil from the Kimmeridgian period.  It allows the Pinot Noir grown on this soil to best express its fruitiness, finesse, and delicacy.

By vinifying each parcel separately, we build a deep knowledge of our parcels over the years.  It’s a long and exacting task, requiring attention at all times.